here’s a close up/tutorial thing of the “armor” part of my shinji plugsuit 

it’s a bit messed up (sorry for the weird yellow tint from the pic) because i had it in a paper bag, but anyway this was my favorite part of my super duper uncomfortable plugsuit haha. everything is made out of craft foam which was shaped by cutting slits to create a round edge (i used a lighter to create a smoother curve) in order to give it a glossy/shiny finish, i applied mod podge (basically watery glue) to get rid of the spongy-ness of the foam. i then used white spray paint and this weird acrylic gloss spray over the white. and my last advice to people who are considering a plug suit cosplay, is to don’t do it….or at least be aware of all the downsides of a plugsuit //cries it’s really uncomfortable and i felt like throwing up 90% of the time at the con u w u