Here is my version of the Sailor Senshi uniform that does not follow the Green Pepper pattern (except for the skirt I made) because the pattern gives me a number of problems and have ruined three leotards.  I asked a number of people how they made theirs, what patterns they recommend, etc. and I ended up coming up with this!  My hip roll is still under construction - I haven’t had the time to play around with making other ones and perfecting it, so please hold on tight!

I hope you enjoy!  

In my original post, I did not provide links to the images so they are a bit difficult to see, so here are the links below:

Part I [ x ]

Part II [ x ]

Part III [ x ]

Part IV [ x ]

Part V [ x ]

Part VI [ x ]

Part VII [ x ]

Want to know how I made my brooch?  Here are links to my resin casting videos as well as how to colour them!

Part I: How to Make a Mold
Part II: Preparation
Part III: Resin Casting Tutorial
Part IV: Removing Casting and Glossing
Part V: Finishing Your Resin Cast

Part VI: Sharpie Dye your Resin

Here are additional links to some of the patterns I made for the uniform:

Sailor Fuku Collar Pattern [ x ]

Sailor Fuku Sleeve Roll Pattern [ x ]

Lastly, here are links to my shoe cover tutorial:

Part I [ x ]

Part II [ x ]


Photography of Super Sailor Neptune by Octography